Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slow Times

Caspian Tern

Things are still rather slow.  I have not seen much in the way of birds moving lately.  I checked out Tilbury S. L. last evening and found the same stuff.  A fair number of shorebirds, but nothing new. A good number of shorebirds have already moved through, but nothing in the rare category.
The usual Black-crowned Night-Herons were there, including this one which everyone seems to photograph.

A few egrets kicking around--I stayed until they headed out to their roosting site (where-ever that is!).

About 11 dowitchers were present with two or three being Long-billed.  This seems to be the only reliable place to find dowitchers in this neck of the woods.  If fact, I have not seen one anyplace else this summer.

Little happening at Stewart Wetland.  Down to four Lesser Yellowlegs today and the usual one Great Egret and a few Great Blues.  I faithfully check everyday....still waiting....
I did see an immature Black-crowned flying over the St. Clair River this morning at Port Lambton.
The first Wilson's Warbler of the fall was at Brander Park Monday morning.  I have not seen any other migrant warbler other than Yellow!
There have been some north winds recently, but nothing much to show for it.  Long-tailed Jaegers should be showing up by now!  Somewhere.
Saw lots of Five-lined Skinks at Rondeau on Saturday afternoon.  Even tiny ones.  This one is from the past:

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  1. Tilbury was rather slow this afternoon as well. 8 Dowitchers, with 4 being LBDO, 4 juvenile SBDO, and 4 adult SBDO. You're not kidding when you say that the birding has been slow lately. Hopefully it picks up soon.