Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Birding-The Last Hurrah

Not much in the way of numbers of birds this weekend.  Quite disappointing actually.  This has certainly been one of the poorest May migrations I have seen.  Horrendous weather and very few birds.  There were some good rarities/uncommon birds here and there, but it would have been nice just to see volumes of birds.  Scary thought actually.
Rondeau was rather dead yesterday and today as one birder put it, a funeral.  Lots of gulls are around Rondeau and Erieau, but nothing special.  Only one Little Gull has been seen all month.  Yesterday some Whimbrel showed up at Erieau which were nice to see.

Today I headed down to Point Pelee to see what was going on at the Tip.   Some good flocks of Whimbrel went by and lots of gulls.  There was some reverse migration which is always interesting, but nothing too special.  A Northern Mockingbird flew off as well as a couple of Red-headed Woodpeckers.
Shorebirds new for the year included a group of Sanderlings.

Warblers were scattered here and there throughout the park.  I had about 18 species, and still no Cape May!

I decided to stop at Hillman Marsh on the way home.  Lots of Dunlin and some Black-bellied Plover.  Also a large group of Semipalmated Plovers (at least a dozen). 
While scanning, two Glossy Ibis landed in my field of view!  With the sun the way it was, the greenish irridescence stood out.  They started moving to the other side and by the time I decided to take a photo, they were quite distant.

Obviously there are more birds to come, but I guess the bulk of the birds have gone through.  One would think that there would be some record late things to come with the crazy weather we have had.

More butterflies are now appearing with the warm weather.  Also had a Question Mark on De Laurier.

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