Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rondeau Birding

As this bizarre weather continues, I swept down to Rondeau Park.  Not surprisingly there was not much to see and listening for things was hopeless in the wind.  I think back to some past years when we have already had several species of warblers by this date.  Every year is different, but this year is really different.  I miss those warm, sunny, long walks when there are birds to see!
Just got word late this afternoon that Dale Wurker had a Blue-winged Warbler near the visitor centre on Friday.  That one is record early by about four days.  I had one April 21, 2002 on south point trail (SPT).  I do remember that day too--cool and cloudy--very few birds.

This morning I met up with Jim Burk.  He had a Blue-headed Vireo just ahead of me on SPT.  We did a lot of walking with very few birds.  A few Yellow-rumped Warblers were scattered here and there.  Highlight was a Louisiana Waterthrush on Tulip Tree Trail with its distinctive chip note.
Brown Creepers were everywhere as well as Dark-eyed Juncos.  Later on I found a large flock of juncos with a female "Oregon".  It had a distinct hood so I believe it was good.  There are so many intergrades you have to be careful.
I finally saw a Chipping Sparrow for the year, and lots of them. 
Still no shorebirds other than Snipe, Woodcock and Killdeer.
Such a late year....

Purple Finches are still at the feeder, but they are out of luck as I ran out of sunflower seeds.  I'm not going to buy any more at this point!

Out at Port Lambton late this afternoon, dozens of Bonaparte's Gulls were heading downriver.  I always hope for Little Gulls, but have never seen one on the St. Clair River.  I did see a couple back in 1991 at the Port Lambton lagoons though when the White-winged Tern was present.
A couple of Common Loons were floating dowriver as well.

We will see what this week bring.  No doubt by next weekend there should be lots of birds (in the rain).

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