Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Report

Lots of sun for a change this weekend, but cold (not a change).  Everything has frozen up again.  Even Rondeau Bay refroze, but there were some open spots that concentrated ducks.

Ducks in Rondeau Bay

Saturday I did lots of walking around Rondeau (probably 15 km!).  Not many birds to show for it though.  Fox Sparrows certainly have come in--they were all over.
Tree Sparrow

Eastern Meadowlarks were out Marsh Trail, but not much else.  Swamp Sparrows have not even arrived.
Lots of gulls were around Erieau, but too far out (when I was there) to do anything with.  Apparently there have been Thayer's, Lesser Black-backed, Iceland, "Nelson's" recently.

Bonies at Erieau

Sunday I did not do much.  In the morning I took a brief look at the St. Clair River.  Dwayne would be envious to know lots of Long-tailed Ducks were still in the Port Lambton area.  Some were in close today and were talking up a storm with their weird sounds.

A Purple Finch arrived at the feeder today.  New for the year.  It will be gone tomorrow, as Purple Finches never stay here!

Purple Finch with House Finch for comparison

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