Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today's Birding

Checked out the usual haunts down Rondeau way today.  In the park, it was rather quiet, not surprisingly.  The only notable bird on South Point Trail was a lonely Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  I think it just woke up when I first saw it, as it was stretching its wings and not moving around too much.  Later it was flitting around normally.

Several Pine Siskins were around, some hanging out with Goldfinches.
Sparrows included 3 Fox Sparrows, some White-throated, Swamp, Song and Tree.  Quite a few Juncos have moved in.
In one of the sloughs, a female Red-winged Blackbird was present along with a couple of Winter Wrens making some racket.  One wren even sang for a bit.
Over at Erieau I checked out some Canada Geese along the beach.  A Ross's Goose was here the last two days, but as usual (its the weekend!) I could not find it.  I never have luck with them anyway.  I searched quite thoroughly around the area too.
Some Double-crested Cormorants were at the rocks at Erieau.  No sign of the Ruddy Turnstone first seen last Sunday.
An all-white Rock Pigeon was on the Rondeau Point.  That threw me for a loop for half a second.  Visions of an ice partridge or something?

Ivory Gull St. Clair R. Dec. 1995 (Photo by A. H. Rider)

At the R/R track trail, 14 Killdeer circled over and landed at the edge of the marsh.  The only shorebird here that I could find.
The Wilson's Phalarope was still at Blenheim Lagoons.  It was very difficult to find as it was in with ducks in the middle of Pond 3.  Blends in well!  Too far away and bad lighting for a good photo.

I spotted two Savannah Sparrows along the edge.  It is normal to find this species here or in the area in December it seems.  We have had them on Christmas Bird Counts in the past.
Very few gulls around right now!

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