Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Birding

Finally done work for a while.  Convinced the boss to take off a day early.  I have one big project again this winter.  It has been snowballing since I keep finding more rot!  This is what keeps me away from birding!

The Wallaceburg CBC is on Monday, so I will be checking some spots until then.  The St. Clair River will be good this year.  The colder/icier winters always bring in more gulls and ducks.  I like watching those and looking for oddities.
Yesterday I at my lunch at Port Lambton dock and noted several flocks of Redhead going by.  Each morning a single Long-tailed duck seems to head upriver. There are likely more.
A King Eider is not far away at the Harsen's Island ferry in the North Channel.  It was recorded  on the Anchor Bay CBC which is fairly close to the Wallaceburg CBC boundary.  It would be nice to have one of those on the CBC!

Some of last winter's photos:
Algonac State Park in the distance 

No Cacklers Here! 

Mallards at Sombra

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