Friday, December 31, 2010

Change in Weather


Yesterday started to be mild and today is very mild.  It is a bit of a relief after this long drawn out cold and snowy weather.  The St. Clair River has opened up with lots of waterfowl to see.  Weather is everything when in point....Wallaceburg CBC.

I made a quick run up to Sombra and there were thousands of waterfowl out there, especially at Fawn Island.  Five male Northern Pintails were the highlight.  Could have been some females there, but lighting was poor and they were at a distance.  Lighting has been poor all month!  We have hardly seen the sun at all this December.  Day after day is gloomy!

There were lots of ducks at Port Lambton as well.  Most were Canvasback and Redhead. The hermaphrodite Mallard was swimming around as usual.  I also saw a male  BlackXMallard hybrid at Fawn Island.
Feeders are slow as usual in this mild weather.

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  1. Blake,
    I agree with you on the cloudy, gloomy weather. Its depressing and beyond that, makes for bad photography! I like your side comment about gulls being the hot topic lately. I'm still not really at the point that I've started identifying gulls. I'm about to purchase a scope so with that, I might be more likely to get into the game. Happy New Year!