Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday's Birding--Another Vireo

Much quieter this week!  Pine Siskins have increased in numbers though.  Lots were flying around Rondeau this morning, and many arrived here at home.

Pine Siskin

Two species of vireos today!  A Red-eyed was on south point trail.  I am sure it was there last weekend, but we just did not see it.  I also found the White-eyed again at McGeachy Pond, Erieau.  It looks quite attractive this time of year.

White-eyed Vireo

The Wilson's Phalarope was still at Blenheim Lagoons.  It will be interesting to see how long it stays.  Next week is supposed to be unseasonably mild.  In other words, TOO nice!

Fox Sparrows were quite numerous today.  They have finally showed up in numbers in the last week or so.

a Foxy Sparrow

Finally, dozens of Horned Grebes were on the lake.  Good time of year to find a Western--another species the Rondeau area has never recorded.

Tundra Swans--numbers increasing

Butterflies today included Eastern Comma (1-Erieau), Common Sulphur (2-Blenheim), Common Buckeye (1-Blenheim).

Not much opportunity for photography today......

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  1. Blake, I agree, the White eyed Vireo has great plumage in the fall. I don't recall seeing such yellowish spectacles on this bird.