Saturday, November 20, 2010

Phalarope Fun

I checked out the Rondeau area again today.  Where else to go?  (I know, Long Point.  Another Spotted Towhee this week!)  The winds just do not seem to co-operate for weekends. 
Once again it was not appropriate for doing a lakewatch at Point Edward. There was only one good day there back in early October.  And the Tip of Point Pelee has been closed for several weeks, so that has been out of the question.

There really was not anything worth noting in Rondeau Park.  There were lots of Chickadees.  A couple of Hermit Thrushes were taking advantage of dogwood berries, as was an American Robin.  Sparrows have been incredibly scarce this fall.  Besides a few (very few) Tree Sparrows, one Field and one Fox Sparrow were seen. A Swamp Sparrow heard.  No Yellow-rumped Warblers.  Some do always stay the winter, so hopefully a few will come in.

Over at Blenheim Lagoons, the crazy Wilson's Phalarope was making its rounds.  We should set up a lottery and see how long it stays.  It may stay until freeze-up, but if this weather does not get its act together, that may be a while!  Other shorebirds included about 50 Dunlin and a Baird's Sandpiper.  Two Semipalmated Sandpipers were noted on ebird yesterday, but I have doubts about that one.  It would be very late for them, although I did have two November 24, 2002 which were probably record late.
I cannot help but think this phalarope may be the same bird we saw last March.  I haven't looked too closely at plumage here, but it would be fun to think so.  There was a Wilson's Phalarope in late May and certainly in July.  Nobody checks there much in June.  Wilson's have nested there in the past as well.
March 21, 2010

At Erieau the lingering Osprey was at McGeachy Pond carrying a fish dinner at lunch time.
Lots of Horned Grebes were on the lake, as well as Bonaparte's Gulls.


  1. Blake,
    I checked Blenheim lagoons fairly regularly all spring and summer (tried to go weekly). I had one Wilson's Phalarope on May 24 and then did not see another until mid-late July (I am not entirely sure of the date). None were seen in June even though I checked a few times.
    Josh Vandermeulen

  2. Hey Josh,
    Thanks for the info. I didn't think there was one in June, but this Wilson's Phalarope is really bizarre!