Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Anna's Hummingbird in Cottam.  Hmmm.....

The bat I photographed at Point Pelee on Sunday was indeed a Pipistrelle.  My photo was a bit dark, so it was misleading.  Thanks to Paul Pratt for letting me know. Also, that Little Brown bats are somewhat rare in Essex!

Pipistrelle Bat at Point Pelee

I was going through some archived photos tonight.  The evenings are getting too long, so I have lots of time!
Hints of things to come....

Winter Scene along Chenal Ecarte

This photo was one of the better ones I took one morning where I worked.  I am still in the area, only across the canal!  Walpole Island (Highbanks area) is in the background and it shows the Heritage Centre.

Ice at Rondeau February 2007.  This formation was there for two weekends.  I photographed it in different lighting conditions and it looked considerable different.  The sunny one is scanned, as the original got destroyed when the disc corrupted. (You need backups to backups!).
(scan from orignal)

These guys have not shown up here yet, but very soon...

Common Redpoll

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  1. Blake, great photos, in particular the Common Redpoll is fantastic! Hopefully the Finch forecast is a little more accurate than the weather forecast and we see a few of these guys!