Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pelee Birding

Sunrise at Pelee Tip

A decent SW wind was forecast for Saturday, so I ventured to the Tip of Point Pelee.  The wind turned out to be more westerly, as usual, but there was lots of bird activity.
I ended up doing a lot more walking than expected!  There is some serious construction at Pelee park and the road to the Tip was closed at the visitor centre.  The VC parking lot is even closed.  It will only get worse as I heard next week one will not be able to go south of De Laurier for quite some time.  As things usually go, I bet it is several weeks!  I guess if this has to happen, it is the only time of year to do it (much to the chagrin of birders and some others who like to go to the Tip).
Anyway I arrived early and lots of gulls were around.  Bonies were in good numbers, continuously streaming down the east side.  In the less common department, a juv Lesser Black-backed Gull was at the Tip. No Sabine's, and strangely there has only been one at Pelee this fall.
Various duck species were flying by as well.  (Bufflehead, Long-tailed, Ruddy, Black, Green-winged Teal, Surf and White-winged Scoter, etc.). 

gull feeding frenzy off Tip

Less than a half hour after I started watching, the gulls got up just off the Tip and I spotted a jaeger.  It appeared to be a Parasitic.  It never came in close though, and headed straight back out.
The only other birders were Alan Wormington and Steve Pike, and we watched the gulls, a few Common Loons and many Horned Grebes.  Several Dunlin also.
Various groups of Black-capped Chickadees appeared at the Tip and headed back into the park.  Expectedly, there were lots of chickadees in the park.  I kept an eye out for Boreal, but no luck.

Chickadee with Spider

De Laurier and Anders were hopping with birds.  Continuous streams of Yellow-rumped Warblers, Chickadees and kinglets were moving through.  The only different warbler was a Pine at the parking lot.  Blue-headed Vireo was around too.

Tons of Dogwood berries at De Laurier!

I saw a couple of groups of Cedar Waxwings, but no Bohemians.

Butterflies are just about done for this year. I saw three Monarchs, a Buckeye and an Eastern Comma.

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  1. Good report Blake! I think I saw your car at the west beach parking lot. I walked Tildens trail & Delarier. I didn't have the time/energy for a walk to the tip.