Monday, February 18, 2008

St. Clair River on Monday

Below I pasted a posting that I sent through Ontbirds about ducks on the St. Clair River. It has actually been quite good out there this winter, although no rarities have been detected. There are so many ducks spread out, there is bound to be something of note out there!
The Ruddy Duck was a surprise since I had never encountered one on the river during the winter months, other than at Sarnia Bay.
The photo shows one of the Gadwall on the Snye R. near Wallaceburg this morning.

Duck viewing continues to be excellent this winter with tens of thousands of ducks on the St. Clair River. Most of course are Redhead/Canvasback. Conditions will vary with the ice and wind. The ducks are well spread out all along the river. Every day is different.Today I observed about 16 species of ducks from Port Lambton to Courtright, with the most notable, a male RUDDY DUCK in Sombra Bay (N. of village). (That was a new one for the winter river list!)Two WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were off Courtright village, a pair of AMERICAN WIGEON at Seager Park, and a couple of GADWALL at Cathcart Park. There have been a number of Gadwall around in the last couple of weeks.One of the wintering Bald Eagles (adult) was eating a fish on the ice at Seager Park this morning.The Peregrine Falcon was at Detroit Edison plant hunting other birds.

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