Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter Birds at Rondeau

Today was a nice day for birding. Not too cold, calm and sunny! I checked out Rondeau Park and area in anticipation of next week's Christmas Bird Count.

Things are quite different than last year. It has been cold and most of Rondeau Bay is frozen.
However, there are some good birds around, and no doubt many decent ones will be found next week.

I started at the park campground. Notables included Hermit Thrush, Yellow-rumped Warbler (3), Brown Creeper, Field Sparrow, pair of Northern Flickers, and Carolina Wrens. A flyover included a Pine Siskin and a couple of Snow Buntings.

Down at south point trail, I found some decent birds along the south beach shoreline. A pair of Purple Finches were feeding in the shrubs along the beach. Shortly following that, I flushed up a Gray Catbird and an American Woodcock. Those two would be welcome birds for the count next Sunday. I managed a few photos of the catbird:

I also found two Fox Sparrows, each in a different spot, and a few White-throated Sparrows.

A couple of immature Bald Eagles were added to the mix.
For next Sunday's count, I will work south point trail. It is always a crap shoot what one will find! But that is what makes these counts interesting.

I have had some good birds over the years, and some of those that nobody recorded. Sometimes Eastern Bluebirds are there, but it looks doubtful this year. I always get a Field Sparrow or two, as they tend to mix with Tree Sparrows.

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