Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kettle Point CBC Results

Below is quick summary of the Kettle Point CBC, courtesy of Alf Rider, compiler. It seems most counts are getting Hoary Redpolls, and this one was no exception. It could be a record year for Hoary Redpolls in southern Ontario. There are two types of Hoary, which I may discuss later. As well, there is a larger subspecies of Common Redpoll which was also listed on this count.

We managed to find 69 species for the day, missing both PINE and EVENING GROSBEAKS and also BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS, all of which are around the area still.Highlights were-- RED-THROATED LOON, 2 TUNDRA SWANS, 5 GADWALL, 6 BALD EAGLES, 1 GOLDEN EAGLE, and a MERLIN.16 WILD TURKEYS seem low, but no RUFFED GROUSE or their trails were found. Maybe the local GOSHAWKS are having an effect on them? The OWLS were represented by E. SCREECH OWL, Gt. HORNED, SHORT-EARED, LONG-EARED, and SAW-WHETS.RING-BILLED GULLS have started to over-winter in this area since the first count in 1968 and 20 is a good number for the current ice conditions up in Lake Huron.The 3 KINGFISHERS were good birds. We had Count week PILEATED, but did well and had a single N. FLICKER and 2 RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS among this group.60 HORNED LARKS were low, as were 20 TUFTED TITMICE. A single CAROLINA WREN was exploring an old Fall Webworm 'nest' in our yard.The 2 GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS, 5 E. BLUEBIRDS and a flock of 31 Am. ROBINS took a lot of finding.Careful searching in the Ausable Valley produced 1 SONG , 1 WHITE-THROATED, 1 WHITE CROWNED SPARROWS.Other highlights were 3 PURPLE FINCH, 243 COMMON REDPOLL and a dark GREENLAND sub-species, 3 HOARIES and a lone PINE SISKIN.The single OREGON JUNCO was the second sub-species of this years count.

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