Monday, November 19, 2007

Summer Memories Part Two

I took quite a few photos at Long Point, so I will post a few more here.
I mentioned Fowler's Toads and melanistic Garter Snakes. Here are some photos.

Some lake ships came fairly close. Great Lakes ships is another hobby of mine, and I was able to identify many of them, even at quite a distance. Actually I was into that hobby long before birding! Here is the Canadian Miner.
Every morning I checked the Tip at sunrise. This is the first morning.

A scene of the lighthouse.

A scene on a morning hike up the south beach.


  1. Do you know commercial fishing boats as well? Last summer, when I worked with the MNR, we always went out on a fishing boat to do research (and gillnet fish to process). We often docked at Erieau Harbour and I fished for Sunfish, Yellow Perch, and Round Gobies there.

  2. Can't say I know fish tugs. The lake freighters have always been an interest of mine.