Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunset to Another Weekend

As the sun was setting over Walpole Island, flocks of blackbirds were continuously heading southward. They were likely going to roost somewhere on the island.

Today seemed even windier than yesterday. I went back to Rondeau and noted many flocks of blackbirds there as well. Strangely, Pine Siskins were mixed in with them. There were still lots of Pine Siskins moving today.
I noted more kinglets than the day before.

Still no shorebirds at Blenheim, but that has been the case many times this year. Besides the ducks, I did see a number of sparrows, and even a couple of Pine Siskins. The siskins were at the gate to greet me. I think that is a new species for me at that location!

The nicest sparrow was a Vesper on the mud in cell 5. This back cell has dried up once again due to lack of rain. Other sparrows included Lincoln's, Swamp, Song, Savannah, White-throated and White-crowned.

It would have been a good time to check out Rondeau's marsh trail for Sharp-tailed, but the wind quashed that idea.

An immature White-crowned Sparrow at Rondeau appeared to be of the gambelii race. One had to work hard to get the birds to come out today in this wind.

Looks like more seasonable weather will return on Tuesday.

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